About the Witch

I am Brigitte, an eclectic Pagan witch of over 20 years, a teacher, and a crystal and tarot deck collector. I was raised within an Eastern religious tradition and those beliefs of karma and reincarnation harmonize beautifully with the practice witchcraft. Technically, I’ve been pagan my whole life in that I was raised in an Earth Based Belief System (EBBS) and eventually moved from the Buddhism I was raised with to Taoism. I was then Taoist for most of my life, and when I became a witch (in 8th grade) I was essentially a Taoist witch. Now I identify more with eclectic Paganism, though the Tao is still an informing part of my life and magickal ethics. When I say “20 years” I start the clock in 8th grade when I joined my first coven. I’ve been in a witchcraft coven of some sort for about 7 years total: 5 years in my first coven and 2 years experience running an eclectic coven.

Currently, I observe the New Moons, use the Full Moons to charge my magickal tools and reflect, and celebrate the eight Pagan Sabbats. I am partially in the ‘broom closet,’ as it were: out to most of my family, but in the closet around the (very) few who would be judgmental, since I refuse to invite their negativity into my life. I am a teacher in the South, so I am not open about my witchcraft in the classroom, as students are often fearful, but I do not actively conceal it either.

I had an amazing coven in my formative years (8th-12th grade) with an extremely organized and hardworking coven leader. Now I am the leader of my own small coven, after which this website is named. One of my coven mates is also my life partner, who is Druid. He is referred to as “my partner” on the site since he is not ‘out’ of the broom closet to hardly anyone, and it’s not my place to out him.

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