Numerology: Limping Through 2017

In December I posted about why 2016 was such a rough year and specifically used Numerology to explain it. I said, in short,  that 2016 was so rough for so many because it was a Year 9. What I didn’t write about was that, even though Year 1’s have the possibility to be better … they aren’t always so great at first. There are two potential reasons. One is because the trials of 9 only reward those who let go of what they were supposed to. The other hiccup is that sowing the seeds for the upcoming nine year cycle is hard work at a time when many of us are not yet ready for it. Especially if the necessary “letting go” process of last year was incomplete or didn’t happen at all. If the Year 9 “let go and leap” dictum wasn’t fully embraced, there are going to be unresolved issues lingering. This Year 1 of 2017 may be going great for you, and it may not. It may be lousy now and good later. The generally lousy vibe in the air right now may very well be due to the Saturn Retrograde that’s putting so many of us in statis (thanks Saturn) and/or the Mercury Retrograde in Taurus/Aries that’s sending us into a spendy semi-rage. There are a whopping five planets in Retrograde in April 2017 so it’s Retrograde City right now, basically. However, Retrogrades are perfect for ending things, so it’s actually a great opportunity to release anything you stubbornly brought with you into 2017 (like me, personal example to follow).

In December, here’s how I explained the Numerology cycle:

Crops are planted from seeds, they need tending to while they slowly grow, they are harvested so that we can be fed, and then you start over again from seed. The plant cannot be harvested and still keep growing forever. Our life also goes in cycles, it’s not all a rocketship ride going straight up; it’s a circle, looping again and again.

A Year 1 is a seed planting year, you have to work really hard during these years. Rewards? Don’t expect them. Emotional work, physical work, literally going to work, it’s just work everywhere. We’re tired; at least, I know I am. 2016 took it out of us all. If you’re having a bad beginning to this Year 1 it may be because you aren’t completely recovered from the Year 9 cycle, which was not gentle with us. I’m right there with you. It could also be that you didn’t really let go completely, or that you’re dealing with fallout from the end of your Year 9 decisions.

talked about buying a house in my December post, which I assumed would be good (hilarious), and now I’m not sure if it is or not. I’m thinking and hoping that it will be a lateral move. What I realized with clarity this month is that what would have worked better is for us to rent a house near my partner’s work (which would be closer to mine too by default) and saved the huge chunk of money we put into this house until we found our “let’s live here forever” dream house. I could not see that at the end of 2016. What happened was that I had been in a six month long pit of constant house shopping and rejection and I could not let it go. It was as though I had blinders up. Sound familiar? Year 9’s are a year of letting go and resolutions; they’re a lot like planetary retrogrades in that way, they reward resolution, but disklike pushing forward.

I am a firm, firm believer that the Universe will give you what ever you want if you want it badly enough. However, if you want something very badly and demand it, no matter the cost, then it is very likely not what the Universe wanted for you. Simply stated, you can get anything you want, no matter how bad it is for you. Where demands begin, protection ends. I have seen it and I have lived it, some of the things I’ve wanted the most have been the worst for me. And I know I’m not the only one who has had that experience! In fact, I think we all have. I’ve known people who wanted to go to an elite university more than anything, so they got in, and now have crippling student loan debt that forces them to have a job they hate. I’ve known people who wanted the marriage, house, and kids so badly it hurt, only to realize they wasted their life in a miserable relationship they could not escape. I’ve known people who wanted a certain relationship so badly it consumed them, and when they got it the relationship turned out to be abusive. Realize, that if you want something that the Universe, in it’s infinite wisdom, has not given you … it’s not for you. Pursue it at your peril thereafter.

If you haven’t let go of some unhealthy attachment, do it now. Otherwise 2017 is going to be the same horrid slog that 2016 was. The fact of the matter is that, even though this Year 1 of 2017 holds the potential for good, it only holds that potential for those willing to work hard. That takes energy. I’ve spent the better part of this year (January-March) shaking off the regret of buying the house. Boxes are still everywhere, but I’m working through it mentally and literally. If I just sink into the unhappiness, I can’t do the work that I need to do to go forward. Rest, recover, then choose your new path forward. This is the dictate of the Year 1.

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