Crystal Closeup: Carnelian

Carnelian, also called red carnelian, is one of my absolutely favorite crystals to work with. It’s a variety of chalcedony that is translucent and ranges from orange-red to very red, generally with streaks. Carnelian is one of the birthstones of May. If the bands are strong it is called carnelian agate; dark reddish-brown varieties are known as sard. Carnelian works to calm the blood, and I’ve found wearing a carnelian ring to be especially effective during my ‘moon time’ when pretty much nothing else calms me down even a little bit. My partner also knows that when I swap my rose quartz ring for the carnelian one, it’s ‘that time’ again.

Below is a breakdown of some of the important information about carnelian, which you can copy into your grimoire, and some suggested magickal activities.

Crystal: Carnelian

Astrology: Cancer, Leo, Taurus

Element: Fire

Family: Chalcedony

Mohs: 7

Magickal Uses: Cleansing, Protection

Metaphysical Properties: Assists with analysis, perception, memory, and precision, as it keeps the mind alert. Its calming, stabilizing energy also protects against anger, aggression, fear, and rage. Helps get rid of sadness, shyness, grief, and jealousy. It awakens inner talent and motivates work on that talent. Provides energy for emotionally stabilizing the home while encouraging harmony and love. Additionally, it cleanses negative energy from other crystals. Works well with other crystals for protection from negative energy and psychic attack.

Suggested Activities: In addition to wearing a carnelian ring, I suggest using carnelian in what ever part of your life – work or home – needs emotional stability and could enjoy the benefit of its calming energy. For either a ring may be sufficient, but utilizing multiple red carnelian crystals in a crystal grid could help as well. Keeping carnelian in your work space and drawing energy from it when you feel frazzled or need motivation can also be helpful. If you are unable to or uncomfortable keeping crystals in your workspace, keep a tumbled carnelian in your pocket, and cleanse it daily. To cleanse another crystal with carnelian, place them in close proximity to one another and let the carnelian work overnight. Placing pocket rocks inside a circle of tumbled carnelian is a simple way to cleanse that doesn’t involve water or smoke. If you’re forgetful about daily energy cleansing, you can locate this carnelian circle on your nightstand for a convenient cleansing spot.


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Image Credit:

Carnelian Ring by Nostrand on Etsy
Stock image via Pexels

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