Full Moon December 13th 2016 in Gemini

Tuesday, December 13th 2016 is the Full Moon in Gemini, which the Moon enters at 7:06 PM EST that evening. The Moon leaves Gemini at 12:58 AM EST on Wednesday the 14th, so you should do your Full Moon charging on the evening of the 13th for that twinning energy. (That’s that I’m doing.) On Wednesday morning the Moon then enters Cancer at 7:09 AM, so if you charge on Wednesday night, you’re not getting Gemini energy, you’re getting Cancer energy.

To put it simply, do your Full Moon ritual after 7:06 PM EST the night of Tuesday the 13th, but before midnight. December’s Full Moon is the final of three supermoons in 2016, where the Moon appears to be both brighter and larger. 

About December’s Moon

There are many names for December’s Full Moon, but the two most common are the Long Nights Moon and the Cold Moon. Native Americans called it the Cold Moon for obvious reasons; the December Full Moon shines down on some frosty weather. Additionally, some Native American tribes called it the Long Nights Moon because it’s the time of the year when the night is the longest.  Regardless of what you call it, the meaning of the December Moon is clear: winter is here, and we must endure it.

With winter in full force this is a time of rest for many people, staying indoors with family to escape the snow, being snowed in and missing school, I hear that snow tires are a thing … curious. In Florida, where I live, the skies get gray is murky, and occasionally it gets down to around 50 degrees F and we all turn on our heaters.

My partner, who is from New Jersey, recently asked me why no one in Florida seems to have any holiday spirit. I’d been contemplating this for years and I think it’s because it doesn’t get cold here. Not anymore anyway. Global warming deniers can suck it, because Florida used to have winter and now we have squat. In 1989 we had rolling blackouts and it snowed, in 1998 we had freezing weather all through 1999 … then it slowed … and now it’s gone. We just don’t have winter anymore. It gets down to 50 one night, but it’s back to 70 the next day, or two days at the most.

I think a lot of what fuels the holiday spirit is that it’s freaking freezing outside and you have to spend time with your family drinking cider in front of a fire. The freezing cold forces you to slow down – do you want to leave so badly you shovel snow off your sidewalk? No? Exactly. In Florida it’s just gray out and we have to hang out with in-laws that we know we could escape, the snow birds (old people who need to go back up North, damn them) are everywhere driving 25 miles and hour, and our energy-filled kids are home from school for some unknown reason. No one is hibernating and it bites.

Regardless of all of my complaining, you need to make your own winter, even if that means a beachwear-clad Santa is hanging out with a flamingo lawn ornament. It’s time to put lights on the palm tree and get over it, amirite?

Full Moon in Gemini

Gemini is a very chatty sign, an outgoing, intellectual, and curious Air sign. Gemini is associated with the Twins, and Gemini does have those dual aspects. For all their interest in intellectual pursuits, they can also be total flakes; they’re a ton of fun to date, but they can move on quickly; Geminis are very curious, but easily distracted; they rarely get bored, but when they do, they find it intolerable. Gemini is a mutable sign, able to go with the flow, and, at their best, be a truly curious intellectual. They are playful, fun, and excellent communicators. Not surprising because this sign is ruled by Mercury. Yes, the same Mercury that goes retrograde on December 19th. A Full Moon in Gemini gives us an opportunity to work on communication, flexibility, and intellectual pursuits.

What is Full Moon Magick?

New Moons are used for setting intentions with a manifestation point at the next Full Moon and, way more importantly, a second, larger manifestation at the Full Moon at the six month mark (for this Full Moon it was the New Moon in June 5th 2016). Full Moons are an excellent time for cleansing, charging, protection, reflection, and spell work.


When I think Full Moon, I think charging. My number one favorite activity to do at the Full Moon is charge my crystals. For your crystals and all of your magickal tools that you use on a regular basis, it’s good to give them a Full Moon charge. This includes crystal grids, magickal jewelry, cauldrons, tarot cards, scrying mirrors, candles, pocket rocks, and pretty much anything you can think of that needs a little boost. Working magickally with things over the course of a month can take the energy out of them, the Full Moon fills them back up.

While I recommend cleansing pocket rocks every day (running them under water is fine since pocket rocks are almost always tumbled stones) they should also be charged under the Full Moon. This imbues them with energy, like recharging a battery. While many people argue that crystals never need charging, I do believe that constant magickal use does “drain” them. For me, charging magickal tools under the Full Moon is like getting their chi realigned. It’s something that I can’t do by myself and is important for their magickal workings, like getting the oil changed in your car. You don’t have to change your oil, but your car isn’t going to be the better for it, and will eventually give out. Anyone who has had sturdy pocket rocks break in half for no good reason knows the consequences of never cleansing or charging your crystals.

For a Gemini Full Moon I suggest charging crystals associated with communication, intellect, and flexibility. Personal favorites include Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, and Malachite. Any crystal associated with the Throat Chakra is great as well (Turquoise, Chrysocolla, or Aquamarine).


Just as a general rule it’s nice to dust off the energy in the house during a Full Moon. I use the classic, white sage, to cleanse my house, but some people really don’t like the smell (my cat hates it) or they don’t like the smoke. In this case you can use lavender incense or essential oil in a diffuser or spray. Thyme, palo santo wood, and cedar can also be used this way. If you absolutely cannot use anything that makes a smell, a cedar wand would be ideal for cleansing your space of negative energy. A besom (magickal broom) can also be used to sweep (with a literal sweeping motion) negative energy out doors.


Personally, I almost exclusively do divination for myself on New Moons, but that’s just what I do. Divination is always good during Full Moons with many people using water to scry. This is because of the Full Moon’s powerful energy and it’s close association to water and the tides; it’s believed that magickal objects are given a little extra juice during the Full Moon. If you’re just starting out on scrying, pendulums, tarot, or runes, it’s good to work with them on a full moon. Remember to cleanse them and charge your magickal tools when you’re done.


I believe strongly that like attracts like, and positivity, thankfulness, and gratitude work as a type of attracting spell: when you collect it, more of the same is drawn to it. Consider maintaining a gratitude jar to help attract more goodness to your life. This will be your last Full Moon gratitude list of the (solar) year! If you’ve been making them all year, looking them over on New Year’s Eve is a great way to remember the good of the year. 

You can use a mason jar (or any container, box, file cabinet, you can even make a list on your phone) and, under the Full Moon, get a piece of paper and write everything on it that you are grateful for. You don’t have to be a big person and write “challenges” on your paper, especially if you don’t want more challenges, but feel free to write “trivial” things like ice cream, kittens, rainbows, finding hand lotion in your purse when you thought you were out, etc. Make a real list because no one is going to look at it but you. Fold or scroll your paper, seal it with wax or tape, or tie it with string, than leave it on the windowsill overnight to charge. The next morning, set it aside for another four weeks, on a desk or bookshelf would work nicely. Over time you’ll watch the gratitude pile up and it will work to attract more of the same to you. You can even write the date on your papers and reflect on them as the months and years pass, and when you’re feeling down, it’s a nice bottle to uncork.

Michael’s store brand (Recollections) has an Inspiration Journal for Personal Planners that features specific gratitude pages; it’s a great alternative if a jar would garner too much attention.


I always journal on the Full Moon, reflecting on my grimoire (book of shadows) entry from the corresponding New Moon, discussing the results of the divination, and seeing how the intentions that I set manifested. It’s also good to look at the intentions from the recent New Moon, in this case, November 29th’s New Moon in Sagittarius. Your grimoire is the perfect place to write your gratitude list if you don’t use a jar. I always try to set the evening of the Full Moon aside for “me time,” no matter what’s going on in the rest of my life. It doesn’t always work, but it’s important to try.

Au Revoir

I hope you all found this guide helpful, I’ll be back at the next Full Moon and we can go on our journey together again. I would love to know how you commemorate the full moon and if you have any ideas for magickal workings. Please feel to share any (positive/constructive) thoughts that you have in the comments. Have a beautiful lunar cycle my friends!


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