Full Moon April 10th 2017 in Libra

Many of the Full and New Moon dates for 2017 are tricky this year, with a lot of them occurring very late at night, and switching signs by the following evening. April’s Full Moon is one of those. While a lot of people will surely report that it’s on the 11th, which it technically is, by the evening of the 11th it’s in another sign.

I highly recommend doing your Full Moon ritual on the night of Monday the 10th while the Moon is in Libra, the correct sign to end this six month cycle that started with the New Moon in Libra on October 1st 2016. The Full Moon is technically at 2:08 AM EST on the 11th, but I’ll be in bed by then. Are you a night owl? Go for it. The Moon then goes void-of-course at 2:19 PM EST on the 11th and stays void until 6:42 PM EST when it moves into Scorpio. Different energy alert! If you wait until the evening of the 11th to charge your items and/or perform your ritual you will have Scorpio energy and miss out on the balanced energy of Libra, which is so important during Ostara’s season.

About April’s Full Moon

There are many names for April’s Full Moon, but the two most common are the Pink Moon and the Fish Moon. Other names are the Wind Moon, Sprouting Glass Moon, and Egg Moon. Pink Moon is in honor of the first pink flowers, specifically herb moss pink, that are beginning to bloom, and it’s the name that is used most often. The name Sprouting Grass Moon comes from the explosion of life in the springtime, with Egg Moon bringing the same fertile feeling combined with Ostara imagery. Coastal Native American tribes use Fish Moon because it’s the time that fish start to swim upstream and, again, life begins anew. The message of this Full Moon is that the time has come to start life again.

Full Moon in Libra

Libra is the sign of balance and a Cardinal, Air sign. Appropriately, Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, will end its current Retrograde and turn direct on the morning of the 15th. A Libra focuses on others and works well when paired up. They are objective and fair, but on the downside, they avoid conflict. There’s such a thing as paying too high a cost for peace and harmony, so beware that negative aspect of the sign. Libras are good at communicating, which is great during this Mercury Retrograde phase. However, Libras can turn from chatty to gossiping quickly. Balance is that this sign is all about, and while they believe in fairness and justice, they need to be balanced just as much as everyone else. As a Cardinal Sign, Libra can get things moving, all of which I see as a good thing right now.

What is Full Moon Magick?

New Moons are used for setting intentions with a manifestation point at the next Full Moon and, way more importantly, a second, larger manifestation at the Full Moon at the six month mark (for this Full Moon it was the New Moon on October 1st 2016). Full Moons are an excellent time for cleansing, charging, protection, reflection, and spell work.


When I think Full Moon, I think charging. My number one favorite activity to do at the Full Moon is charge my crystals. For your crystals and all of your magickal tools that you use on a regular basis, it’s good to give them a Full Moon charge. This includes crystal grids, magickal jewelry, cauldrons, tarot cards, scrying mirrors, candles, pocket rocks, and pretty much anything you can think of that needs a little boost. Working magickally with things over the course of a month can take the energy out of them, the Full Moon fills them back up.

While I recommend cleansing pocket rocks every day (running them under water is fine since pocket rocks are almost always tumbled stones) they should also be charged under the Full Moon. This imbues them with energy, like recharging a battery. While many people argue that crystals never need charging, I do believe that constant magickal use does “drain” them. For me, charging magickal tools under the Full Moon is like getting their chi realigned. It’s something that I can’t do by myself and is important for their magickal workings, like getting the oil changed in your car. You don’t have to change your oil, but your car isn’t going to be the better for it, and will eventually give out. Anyone who has had sturdy pocket rocks break in half for no good reason knows the consequences of never cleansing or charging your crystals.

For a Libra Full Moon I suggest charging and working with Kyanite, a wonderful crystal for communication, and one of the only crystals that is reported to not need cleansing as it does not accumulate negative energy. Other suggested crystals for a Libra Full Moon include Bloodstone, Citrine, Jasper, Malachite, Smoky Quartz, and Tourmaline.


Just as a general rule it’s nice to dust off the energy in the house during a Full Moon. I use the classic, white sage, to cleanse my house, but some people really don’t like the smell (my cat hates it) or they don’t like the smoke. In this case you can use lavender incense or essential oil in a diffuser or spray. Thyme, palo santo wood, and cedar can also be used this way. If you absolutely cannot use anything that makes a smell, a cedar wand would be ideal for cleansing your space of negative energy. A besom (magickal broom) can also be used to sweep (with a literal sweeping motion) negative energy out doors. Just remember to open the doors first!


I always journal on the Full Moon, reflecting on my Grimoire (Book of Shadows) entry from the corresponding New Moon, discussing the results of the divination, and seeing how the intentions that I set manifested. It’s also good to look at the intentions from the recent New Moon, in this case, the October 1st 2016 New Moon in Libra. Your Grimoire is the perfect place to write your gratitude list if you don’t use a gratitude jar. I always try to set the evening of the Full Moon aside for “me time,” no matter what’s going on in the rest of my life. It doesn’t always work, but it’s important to try.


If you did not perform a Ritual to Restore Balance on Ostara, I highly recommend doing one on this Full Moon. The Ostara book from Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials Series has a wonderful ritual that you can do adapted to solitary, pair, and groups.

Au Revoir

I hope you all found this guide helpful, I’ll be back at the next Full Moon and we can go on our journey together again. I would love to know how you commemorate the Full Moon and if you have any ideas for magickal workings. Please feel to share any (positive/constructive) thoughts that you have in the comments. Have a beautiful lunar cycle my friends!


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