New Moon April 26th 2017 in Taurus

April’s New Moon in Taurus occurs at 8:16 AM EST on Wednesday the 26th, and you can do your New Moon ritual on either the night of Tuesday the 25th or the 26th at any time. Honestly, I’m just happy this isn’t one of those difficult-to-time Moons, and that I can just settle in on the night of the 26th and get things done. However, if you procrastinate until Thursday the 27th be sure to get it done before 9:18 PM EST because the Moon moves from Taurus to void-of-course to Gemini all in the space of about 20 minutes, that busy Moon.

What is New Moon Magick?

New Moons are used for setting intentions with a manifestation point at the next Full Moon which happens in about two weeks, May 10th for this New Moon. Also, and way more importantly, there is a second, larger manifestation at the Full Moon that happens around six months later in the same sign. For this New Moon its six month Full Moon will happen on November 4th 2017. I always feel that it’s a good idea to dream big on the New Moons, to set intentions and put into action things that really matter, and that I truly feel are beneficial to me as a person. Also, because the guidance goes so far out, I believe it’s important to do a little divination as well. While some people are drawn to pendulums, scrying, or runes, I generally go for tarot, but you can use any form of divination that you feel comfortable with. Most importantly, however, is to write down your intention and divination so that you can review it later.

Intention Setting

The process of intention setting varies for everyone, so adjust what you find here to suit your needs and comfort zones. An important thing about magick is that you should only do what you feel comfortable doing. I start by figuring out, within the context of the current astrological sign, what it is that I really want to work on about myself, and what corresponding thing I’d like to let go of (or stop doing), so that’s step one.

Taurus is a very physical sign, a grounded, practical Earth sign, interested in tactile things, the good things in life, and prosperity. A Taurus wants it all and is willing to work for it, as well as being very loyal, stable, and tenacious. Taurus is one of the fixed signs, giving it steady energy and stability. It is ruled by Venus, making this full moon an excellent time to work on love, as well as real estate, money, or material acquisition. Since April’s Full Moon is all about the new growth of spring, the Taurus New Moon gives us the opportunity to set intentions for material growth.

Because of these Taurus traits, consider focusing your intentions on what financial goals you have for this six month lunar cycle, and discovering the steps toward achieving that goal. I’m very excited for this hard working energy, it feels like just the boost I need to overcome all of the recent Retrogrades (looking at you, Mercury) and general malaise. 

The Ritual Process

1. Preparation

With the Taurus New Moon in mind, the next step is to gather supplies, if you choose to use any. The supplies I use are: two candles (one black and one white) with holders, a lighter, essential oil (optional), a candle snuffer, my handheld magickal diary, a pen, my tarot deck, and my phone for looking up tarot card meanings (optional, a book would be better). If you are new to setting intentions or magick in general it’s good to have a little checklist handy. I sell candles in my shop specifically designed for Esbats if you’re looking for some (shameless plug alert!).

2. Set the Intentions

Once I’ve figured out what I want my intentions to be (and their exact phrasing), I say them out loud, starting with what I want to release. I use a dab of essential oil and anoint the black candle from top to bottom (representing diminishing power) and say what I would like to let go of or stop doing. I then light the candle and meditate on that intention for a moment. I repeat the process with the white candle, except that I say what I want my positive intention to be, then anoint the candle with oil from the bottom moving up. This works to “raise” the power for your positive intention. I got back and forth on anointing, sometimes it feels just a little too theatrical for me, so sometimes I just raise or diminish the power through visualization. After meditating on my positive intention I will record both in my little hand held diary, which I will later type into my computer in longer form. It’s important, for me, to not bring a laptop into the ceremony. I’d love to leave my phone out, but I use it for the next step, which is divination.

Suggested Spell: Money Attracting Jar

The Money Jar Spell I’m posting here is one of the first spells I ever did as a baby witch way back in the day, and that I still do to this day. The Money Jar is just like it sounds, a jar that is meant to attract money, perfect for the Taurus energy of this New Moon. First, start by selecting a jar or bowl without a lid that is small enough to sit comfortably on your altar. If you don’t have an altar, putting it where ever you pay bills (like a desk) works too.Set the intention for it attracting money to you by either saying, “This jar will attract to me the money that I need,” or writing something similar on a small piece of paper and putting it in the jar. You can also set the intention by infusing it with the energy to attract money to you by holding it and visualizing a green light surrounding the jar. It’s important not to ask to be rich or get excessive money, just to be given the financial help that you need when you need it.

Next, charge the jar in the New Moon energy by placing it either outside or on the windowsill overnight. For an extra boost you can add a tumbled Green Aventurine or a Pyrite Included Quartz point to the jar, but this is totally optional. If this if your first or one of your first spells, I find that the extras are helpful. Additionally, you can burn a green candle to help infuse your jar with money attracting energy. Again, this is a good step for new witches, but if you’ve been practicing for a while there’s no need.

Once you Money Jar is charged in the Taurus New Moon, place it on your altar or money workspace. Now, the follow up, and this part is important. Walking around we always find loose change on the ground, right? I consider these coins as little gifts from faeries or the Universe, whatever you prefer, and largely symbolic. As you find coins, put them into your Money Jar. These coins are nice signs and keep fueling the jar’s energy. If you don’t like picking up tails-up coins, just flip them over and leave them. If you see them the next day you can take them home to your jar. I find tails to be my lucky coin side, so I take them. Do what works for you!

3. Divination

Divination, in my case, means tarot, though you may have to experiment to find out what resonates with you the best. I’d like to say that I’m a tarot whiz and don’t need the help, but that would be a flat out lie. While I am getting better and learning, I still need the resource of the Biddy Tarot to help me interpret my moon-ly tarot spread. The only modification I make to the Biddy Tarot advice is that I don’t usually do “reversed” readings unless it feels necessary. I just don’t believe in inviting in that negativity; like magick, divination is all about going with your gut and making your own path.

Suggested Beginner Tarot Spread: 2 Cards

Card #1: What type of project should I explore in the immediate Moon cycle?
Card #2: What can do I to get the most out of the Moon’s Taurean energy?

For card #1, Wands (Fire) are generally associated with action/spirit, Cups (Water) emotions and relationships, Swords (Air) your mental state, and Pentacles (Earth) the material world and finances. Note that if you are very new to tarot you can do a single card reading with either of the two questions.

Suggested Intermediate Tarot Spread: 1 Card

My suggested spread for intermediate-level tarot users can be done using only the Pentacle cards from the deck, since Pentacles represent Earth and coins/money. They are the cards that rule over the finances, perfect for the Taurus New Moon.

Card #1: What financial advice should I follow for the (2 week or 6 month, pick one to say) Taurus New Moon cycle?

Interpret the cards in the light of financial advice, ie: the Four of Pentacles would advise you to save money, Seven of Pentacles suggests that investment would be wise, and the Ace and Page of Pentacles would indicate a new financial opportunity. Shortcuts to all the Pentacles are here on Biddy Tarot.

There’s no Advanced Tarot suggestion because I don’t think you advanced readers need or want advice! You already know.

Tarot Directions

When doing a tarot spread, I shuffle my cards, lay them face down, and then ask a specific question about my positive intention. You can use my suggested spread above, or come up with your own. Just remember to ask questions that allow for advice to be given; I always avoid yes/no questions as a general rule. If you’re just starting out with tarot I advise a single card spread.

Once you know what you’re asking, focus your energy, and then choose a card. Again, go with your gut. Some people do a shuffle and random pull, I spread out the cards and move my hand over them until I feel warmth or a “tingle” that makes me choose. I do feel that it’s best not to pull cards again and again if you don’t “like” the answer you’ve gotten; the universe (or what ever you like to say) seems to get a bit “testy” if you don’t accept it’s advice. Once you have your card(s), record them in your diary, and look up the meanings. That’s where the phone comes in for me, but you can also invest in a tarot book if you so choose. I take notes and jot down my thoughts on the cards before wrapping up.

4. Wrap Up

To finish the new moon ritual, use a candle snuffer to extinguish your New Moon candles. Magickally speaking, you’re not “supposed” to blow out candles because it’s seen as the element of Air figuratively defeating the element of Fire. Since you just took time to anoint your candles, give them a proper send off. Some people let candles burn down completely, but never leave them unattended. I snuff them out and use them for several moon cycles.

With your intentions set and advice in mind, now you can go into the new moon cycle and put your intentions to work with actions! The Full Moon on May 10th 2017 is a good time to check in and review your notes, then in November 2017 we’ll meet again to see how we’ve done. It’s pretty much impossible to remember something like a six month old intention, our lives are just so busy, so remember to write it all down. I think you’ll find that checking in with yourself in six month is surprisingly rewarding.

Au Revoir

I hope you all found this guide helpful, I’ll be back at the next New Moon and we can go through the steps together again. Please feel to share any (positive/constructive) thoughts that you have in the comments. Have a beautiful lunar cycle my friends!


Suit of Pentacles” on Biddy Tarot
Taurus” on
“Taurus,” Plate 17 from Urania’s Mirror, Sidney Hall, 1825, restored by Adam Cuerden

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