Why I Correct People’s Moon Magick Misinformation

I have a confession to make: I correct people’s Moon misinformation on social media. April’s Pink Moon was late Monday night, technically at 2 AM on Tuesday morning. Then on Tuesday afternoon at approximately 2 PM the Moon went void, only to enter Scorpio at 6 PM. Yet, this morning, I see tons of Instagram posts about how people were “Feeling the Libra energy last night,” or “Gave my crystals a Libra Full Moon charge last night.” Then I jump in and tell them that the Moon was in Scorpio last night and, in general, they ignore me, which is fine.

Two Types of Wrong

There are two offenders in this category. The first type I wouldn’t call offenders at all. They’re the people new to Moon magick, baby witches, and people who haven’t figured out how to track Moon phases. These people I correct just because they aren’t to blame since they’re new to something and haven’t figured it out yet. I assume (hopefully, correctly, most of the time) that they really do want to know the information I’m forcing on them. Frankly, when you’re really new to Moon magick/witchcraft, you cannot energetically tell the difference between a void Moon, a Libra Moon, and a Scorpio Moon, because you’re still building your instincts. That they can mistake a Scorpio Moon for a Libra Moon isn’t their fault, but I do assume that they would want to know. Over time, a new witch will figure out the little signs for each member of the zodiac, but that takes time. I am always as polite as possible when I post these corrections because I want them to be receptive to the information.

The second type of offender is the one that actually offends me: huge “new age” accounts with 10K plus followers. They post ‘aesthetic’ and inspirational posts, but largely just spread misinformation because they want to make boatloads of money off of a community that they are clearly not a part of. These accounts don’t care if what they post is wrong or right because they aren’t really members of the witchcraft community, they just want our money. That they use their large e-presence to spread false information is offensive to me, so I generally correct them and then unfollow. I have never had one account post a correction or respond to me, and I assume that’s because they really don’t care about the misinformation they spread. That, to me, is shameful.

Where to Get Your Moon Information

If my stuff (ie: writing style) isn’t your cup of tea I am not offended. Everyone has different learning styles and it’s important to find someone you respond to. However, before taking someone’s information as the ‘truth’ be sure that you know who they are. What are their credentials? Have they been a witch 6 months or for decades? Are they astrology veterans or just out to make a buck? Are they actually members of the community or, in their hearts, are they really just a business? You won’t regret doing a little bit of research before you jump in.


There have been so many signs to me lately that I need to step up in my own community. My Moon Guide is pretty much done, and I want to get it out there. I know a lot of people are teaching witchcraft online who have been witches less than a year, which is unacceptable. To me, there’s been a call to work more, and not less! I hope I can help anyone out there who wants it, and hopefully offend as few people as possible with my Moon corrections.

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